A downloadable OS for Windows

RetroLime Corn is a recreation of two of my favourite Windows Operating Systems (WOS): XP and 7!


  • A brand new look
  • Applications like Browser, Notepad, Paint are ready to work
  • A port of HardLine Pong is aviliable on the Corn
  • Friendly to Exagear, an Android emulator for Windows applications, as well as the other ones

So, what are you waiting for? Get your own copy of RetroLime Corn for FREE!

Game Jolt Link!

Tags: #MadeWithFusion #IWantToCreate #other #OS

Install instructions

You need to extract the .zip file if you're not using Itch.io destkop app.

Don't remove the "game.ccn" file! It's required to run the game!


RetroLime Corn.zip 1 MB
Microsoft Corn.exe 3 MB

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